martes, 22 de enero de 2013

Yummy food songs


Aquí llega un carrito de canciones sobre la comida para todos los niños y niñas de 1º hambientros de música, juegos y dibujos en inglés. Que lo disfrutéis.

- Supermarket song.
- I can eat a lot

- I like food

- Do you like ...?

Let´s make a salad

- Let´s go to market: fruit song.

- Where did you find that cookie?


- Gogo: What do you like?

- Gogo: Do you like sausages?

e-book: The big carrot

The big carrot (storyteller)

Vocabulary lists.

- Vocabulary: vegetables
- I. Vocabulary (slow words)
- II. Game. Listen and pick the right one.
- III. Game. What is this?
- IV. Game. Read the word.
- V. Game. Pick the word.
- Vocabulary (quick words)
- Vocabulary: quick words + adjectives. (Pasa el vídeo hasta el min. 1:00)
- Vocabulary (real pictures)

Have fun!

The Team.

martes, 15 de enero de 2013



¡Hola chicos y chicas de 1º! Estamos disfrutando mucho de los animales. Aquí tenéis las canciones que más os gusta cantar en clase.

- Vocabulario básico.

- Do you like?

-Farm animals song.
- Farm animals and sounds.

-Farm animals.

-Baby animals

- Zoo animals: phonics

- Wild animals game.

- What sound does the cow make?
- Toad in the middle of the road

What is a bird?

-What do animals do? (born, grow, reproduce)


- Gogo´s adventures: Zoo animals.

-Story: The greatest tresure.

- What is it? What are they? Is it...? Are they...? (20 min)
- Domestic/wild/zoo/birds/Sea animals/pets (30 min)

e-book: Can I have? Paco´s pet.

e-book: A dog´s life

e-book: cats (very simple)

e-book: ducks

e-book: The little red hen


The Team.


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