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DANCING ENGLISH. Concierto de Daniel Griffin

Dancing English is music for young children, created to teach English language skills through both music and meaningful movementfor every line of every song. 

Songs are super fun to sing and dance to. Children sing these high-energy songs and enact the lyrics through gesture and dance. 

Have a look at the presentation video of Dani's concerts. 

For more information enter to his website.

                                                             WHO IS DANI?

Daniel Griffin was born in the United States of America, in the city of Chicago. In his family, everybody sings and makes music. He has been making music since he was very young. Dani has lived in Spain for 23 years. 
He has worked as an English teacher for many years. But many years ago, he decided that for him being a musician is the best job in the world. He has been the drummer for Fito y Fitipaldis since 2009. He toured with Tequila and Miguel Rios before that. He has recorded the drums for three albums that were nominated to the Laniny Grammys. As well, he has recorded with Amaral, M-Clan, Calamaro and many more.

                                                        ¿QUIÉN ES DANI?

Daniel Griffin nació en los Estados Unidos de América, en la ciudad de Chicago. En su familia, todos cantan, tocan o componen música. Empezó a tocar el piano y la batería desde muy pequeño. Vive en España desde hace 23 años. 
Dani es el batería de Fito Fitipaldis desde el 2009. Anteriormente hizo varias giras con Tequila y Miguel Rios. Ha tocado la batería en tres discos que han sido nominados a los Grammys. También ha grabado con Amaral, M-Clan y Calamaro entre otros.

SELECTED SONGS FOR THE CONCERT (more will be added as we learn them in class)

(click on the title of the songs to listen to them) - (Pincha en el título de las canciones para escucharlas)

Dancing Dinos  - (click on me)

A dinousar family
Is dancing in my bedroom.
A dinousar family:
Sister, auncle, aunt,
Brother, Mum and Dad.

Dancing dinos,
Dancing dinousaurs,
Dancing dinos.
Stomp your feet
On the floor.

I´m a clown - (click on me)

I'm wearing a pink hat,
I'm wearing a white shirt,
I'm wearing a brown jacket
and green trousers, too.
I'm wearing purple shocks,
I'm wearing yellow shoes.
Look! I'm a clown.
Look! I'm a clown.
Who are you?

My party - (click on me)

Put your shoes on,
Come on over,
Bring a friend.

Put your hat on,
Come on over,
Let's begin.

Come into my party,
My party,
We're singing
And dancing.

My party,
My party,
We're singing
and dancing
Let's dance!

Animal Safari  - (click on me)

Dogs bark,
Cats meow,
Ducks quack,
Cows moo.

(2 times more)

Animal safari
Walking on the farm
Animal safari
Walking on the farm

Bark like a dog - Woof!
Meow like a cat - Meow!
Quack like a duck - Quack!
Moo like a cow - Moooooooo!

Jump and run - (click on me)

Raise one arm
In the air,
Raise two arms
In the air,
And wave
Wave your arms,
Wave your arms,
Wave your arms.

Nod your head
side to side,
Nod your head
side to side
And turn,
Turn around,
Turn around,
Turn around and

Jump, jump, jump,
Everyone jump,
Let's all jump.

Run, run, run,
Everyone run,
Let's all run
Faster and faster.

Everybody walk,
walk, walk.

The house.  (click on me)
Look out the window
I knock on the door
I eat at the table
I stomp on the floor.

A picnic. (click on me)
Big red apples and peas
A picnic under the trees

Come, have a picnic with me.

Big red apples and peas.

Come, have a picnic with me.

Drumming strumming. (click on me)
First, you take four steps, 
then you take more steps. 
Make a square on the floor. 
Hop to your left. 
Hop to your right. 
Turn around slowly.
Now listen to the drums and look around. 
People are dancing all over town. 
Hear that drumming. 
Guitar strumming. 
Dance to your right and dance to your left. 
Up, down, right, left. 
Your hands, your head. 
Dance to your right and dance to your left. 
Wave and clap your hands. 
Everyone clap your hands.


(click on the title of the songs to listen to them) - (Pincha en el título de las canciones para escucharlas)

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